Whacky Do Re Mi and Other Boomwhacker Favorites (Book/CD)


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A Collection For BoomwhackersÆ, Voices, And Other Instruments by Teresa and Paul Jennings.

We’ve featured several songs in Music K-8 that use BoomwhackersÆ, and they have turned out to be some of our most popular songs ever. We’ve assembled them in this collection. The songs are:

Whacky Do Re Mi – Here’s a new and “whacky” way to teach solfege! Your students will have a great time singing and moving to the beat.

Whomp Out Loud – The idea of this song is to make a whole lot of musical sound “out loud.” It’s a concept borrowed from the performing group Stomp. It’s written for voices, BoomwhackersÆ, and non-pitched “found” percussion. Add these newly created sounds to the BoomwhackersÆ (and the recording), and you’ll have quite an amazing percussive event.

Ten Little Robots – This neat piece is written for voices and BoomwhackersÆ. It works well as a counting song, and it inspires creative learning and originality.

2001 Kazoos – We’ve re-orchestrated the opening to the dramatic tone poem Also Sprach Zarathustra to include kazoos and BoomwhackersÆ!

Whacky Sounds – This incredibly fun piece uses the building and unbuilding technique by combining voices and BoomwhackersÆ. It’s entertaining and challenging for kids to learn which pitches are theirs and when they should play.


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