Click Here – 2017 Sonor Orff Promotion Details

Two easy ways to redeem your Free Glockenspiel!


A free glockenspiel can be added to a new PO. Purchase Order needs to reference promotion and meet all qualifications for the xylophone/metallophone purchase. (Refer to page 2 for promotion criteria and accompanying free model.)  You may mention the promotion in the comment section of your online order or call to speak with a representative.

-Direct redemption by educator/school with submitted proof of purchase. KHS ships free glockenspiel direct to educator/school post purchase. Online redemption form available at

-Applies to purchases between August 1 – December 31, 2017 only.




Best Quality - Superior materials and craftsmanship make it the industry benchmark!

Primary Line

Better & Best Value - Quality, expandable with chromatics and bass bars.

Global Beat

Good & Most Affordable, Diatonic only.

Bass Bars

Replacement Parts & Accessories