Totally Tubular, Vol. 1 (Book/CD)


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Games and Activities for Boomwhackers
By Ellen Foncannon

An innovative teaching and group activity package for use with Boomwhackers tuned percussion tubes. 31 fun-filled games incorporating music, drama, and movement; with a coordinating CD of music to use for 8 of the games. Organized into sections, each section more difficult than the last. Each game lists the tubes needed, number of players needed, related CD tracks (when applicable), objectives, pre-game prep, directions, and discovery questions. Some games also list possible variations.

Most of the activities use the diatonic set of Boomwhackers. One activity needs the chromatic set and one activity needs the bass diatonic set. Many activities use any available tubes, or use multiple sets of matching tubes.

Just You and the Tube, Just 2 and the Tubes, All of You and the Tubes, On Your Mark, On Your Mark Too, Hard Hat Harry, Fruit Basket Upset, Dancelot, Pass the Boomers, Stepping Out, Stepping Out with You Too, Crossi Tossi, Meet Me in the Middle, Boom-a-Tube Bridge, Brick By Brick, Boom Bat Baseball, Boom Bat “Bass”ball, Chromatic Coolness, Pinball Wizard, Music Magic, Music Magic for You, Music Magic for All of You, The Conductor’s Wand, I Hear, I See, Orchestration, Imagination Station, Transformers, Boom Around, The Joust, The Gauntlet, Transformer Game Cards.


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