Building Blocks Children’s Songs, Vol. 2


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by Cathy Shinaberry.

12 more familiar children’s songs, for use with Boomwhackers tuned percussion tubes. In addition to using more notes than the songs in Volume 1, the songs in this book also use white boxes to designate rests. This system, an alternative to traditional music notation, uses color-coded squares and rectangles to introduce left to right reading, vertical relationships of pitch, and horizontal relationships of duration. The color of each note box matches the color of the corresponding Boomwhacker tube. By having a half-note rectangle that is twice as long as a square quarter-note box, children can easily learn to understand the relationships between note values. Tear-out song charts are ideal for laminating. The first verse of lyrics is included for each song. Most of the songs in this book use the diatonic set of Boomwhackers (item 200346, available separately). A few songs use notes from the bass diatonic or chromatic sets.

For pre-k to grade 2.


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