Sound Stories (Book)


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by Cristi Cary Miller

Welcome to the world of Sound Stories! This creative collection is designed to reinforce your students’ reading and listening skills and, at the same time, add some music fun. Each of the 18 reproducible stories contains ìspecial wordsî that are attached to sounds and rhythms. These instrumental inserts will enhance the story as your children become the ìsound effects.î Use the suggested instruments or substitute with those that are available. There are many choices for presentation. You can create a visual and have your students play their patterns/sounds as you read the story or select several of them to read. Don’t hesitate to act out the story for a finished product. Whatever your decision, have fun with your new sound adventure! The possibilities are endless!

Suggested for grades 2-5.

Story List:

A Night To Remember

Ananse And The Sticky Glue

An Appleseed A Day


Cannonball Casey

Lucky, The Leprechaun

The Mule That Got Away

The Pearl Treasure

A Pouch For Mama Opossum

Proud To Live In America

St. Nicholas Leaves A Gift

Summer Fun

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Tulip Babies

Wait ‘Til Emmet Comes

Willy, The Worm

Winter Days Are Here

Won By A Hare


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