Music Zone 2, The (Book/CD)


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by Cristi Carey Miller.

If you want kids to remember something, put it in a song! By popular demand, here are twelve MORE songs to teach, reinforce and assess students in Grades 3-6 on the basics of music. From the classroom of Cristi Cary Miller comes this teaching collection about clef signs, melody, harmony, dynamics, form, tone color, time signatures, notes & rests, pitch, syncopation, and more! Also included are simple actions and extension activities to reinforce the concepts being taught, and teaching objectives linked to the National Standards for each song. For added value, an ENHANCED CD is enclosed with performance and accompaniment song tracks for hands-free teaching, plus PDFs of singer songsheets for overhead projection!

Suggested for grades 3-6.

Song List:

Bar Tones

‘Bass’ment Boogie

Clef Hangers

In Harmony

It Measures Up

Know The Facts

Know The Parts

Know The Time

Pentatonic Power

The Rest Is Up To Us

Road Map Repeats

Take Note

This Rocks!

We’re All In This Together


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