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by Diane Hannibal. Songs for Learning is a collection of ten academic-oriented songs that can be used with any age level, but is especially geared for junior high, high school, and transition students with developmental disabilities. The songs are easily singable but with a more grown-up sound that older students can appreciate. the songs are built in the following manner:

Verse 1 is general in nature and can be used by itself

Verse 2 gives more information abouth the main subject in Verse 1. Subsequent verses give more detailed information for a more in-depth unit about the subject. This format will be noticeable when you look at the content of the songs.

A CD is included for teachers who do not feel comfortable singing the songs but want the students to remember information in a catchy way. Lesson objectives and ideas are also included with each song as well as 80 visual aids that go with the songs. Each visual aid is marked with the title of the song with which it is used.

Recommended for special education teachers, music teachers or music therapists who wish to use music as a learning tool to enhance a unit of study. It can also be used as a fun CD for students to listen to during free time or leisure activities.

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Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3


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