African Songs for School and Community


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by Robert Mawuena Kwami.

This book includes teacher notes, English syllables presented underneath the African words to assist with the pronunciation and a pronunciation guide. Accompaniments are usually for bell (or triangle, claves or muffled cymbal), rattle (or maraca or guiro) and drums (high to low sounding drums).

For primary and secondary students.


  • Atia De Menye (A Type of Tree I Am)
  • Wo Nunyuie (Do Good Deeds)
  • Amegbeto (Humankind)
  • Friends Today Enemies Tomorrow
  • Agba Yee (Trouble)
  • Megawo Do Le Kwasidagbe O (Do Not Work on Sundays)
  • Kofi Kple Ama (Kofi & Ama)
  • Dzogbe Ha (Birthday Songs)
  • Na Doe De Dzi (Point It Upwards)
  • Dzigbodi (Patience)
  • Mina Miadzi Ha (Let Us Sing)
  • Dzidzo Nkeke (Happy Day)


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