Sing ‘Round the World



by Shirley W. McRae

Sixteen varied arrangements from around the world. This collection of folksongs has two goals: first, to provide a global sampling of the rich diversity of music that can be enjoyed by our students; second, to provide musical links to our own ethnic roots–Indian, Hawaiian and African, as well as European heritages.

Teaching procedures, modifications, and suggested performance forms are outlined for each arrangement. In addition, most of the sixteen songs include movement or game activities integrated into the arrangements.


Snake Dance (Iroquois)

Sleigh Ride (Ukraine)

Usagi, Usagi (Japan)

Ton Moulin (France)

Lullabye (Thailand)

Tongo (Philippines)

Achshav (Israel)

Silver Moon Boat (China)

Tue, Tue ( Ghana)

Nani Wale Na Hala (Hawaii)

San Sereni (Spain)

Alouette (French Canada)

Let’s Go To Adana (Turkey)

Lost My Gold Ring (Jamaica)

Love Somebody (Appalachia)

Roll the Chariot (African American)


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