Sing ‘Round the World, Volume Two



International Folk Songs for Voices & Orff Instruments by Shirley W. McRae.

Lively arrangements of new songs from every continent; special segment on Native-American, Anglo-American and African-American songs. Most songs use original language; translations included. Accompaniments utilize standard Orff instruments; native instruments optional. Native-style games or movement provided. Appropriate for grades 4-8.


Ritsch Ratsch (Sweden)

Crocodile Song (Canada)

Sur le Pont d’Avignon (France)

Matarile (Mexico)

Tsuki (Japan)

Zo-san (Japan)

Sarasponda (Netherlands)

Ai Hai Yo (China)

The Bluebird (Ukraine)

Wo Ye Le (Tanzania)

Na Bahia Tem (Brazil)

Firsherman’s Song (Taiwan)

Wichita Stick Game (Native American-Wichita)

Wah Ta Ho (Native American-Zuni)

Oh, Watch the Starts (African American)

Little Bird (Anglo American)

Bought Me a Cat (Anglo American)


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