Best of Shenanigans’ Dance Music 2 (CD/Booklet)


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Bush Dances of New Holland by Shenanigans.

This popular Australian folk dance band, led by Gary King, offers authentic folk dance from around the world. Their music and dances have spread throughout the US, largely due to their regular presentations at AOSA conferences. The booklet contains dance directions.

Dances included:

Everyone Take a Partner (Australian)

Galopede / Oxo Reel (Australian-English)

Brown Jug Polka (Pattycake Polka) (Australian)

Flying Pieman (Australian)

Muffin Man’s Jig / Circassian Circle (Australian-English)

Frog Puddles / Ninepins Quadrille (Australian)

Sellengers Round (The Beginning of the World) (English)

Louisiana Saturday Night (American)

La Bastringue (French Canadian)

Cotton Eyed Joe (American)

Doudlebska Polka (Sterner Polka) (Czech / German)

Blacksmiths Apprentice (D’Hammerschmeidsgselln) German

Troika (Troyka) (Russian)

Tarantelle (Italian)

Scissor Dance (Makezice) (Serbian)

Kukuvicka (Bulgarian)

Carnivalito (Bolivian)

Zvarniara (Greek Macedonian)

Hashual (Israeli)

Ve David (Israeli)

Nigun Atik (Zemer Atik) (Israeli)


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