Shenanigans’ Phoenix Special (CD/Booklet)


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This collection focuses on the creative use of folk dance and music in the educational context. The Phoenix Special is a collection of dances taught by Gary King at the 1999 American Orff Association Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The items are of diverse cultural origins including Macedonian, German, Yiddish, Romanian, French, Hungarian, Indonesian and Greek. The material is selected to facilitate the teaching of a variety of music, dance and social concepts from the Early Childhood to the Middle Years of Schooling educational contexts. CD/booklet include:

Ceresna (Macedonian)

Ceresna (Long version)

Zwiefacher (German)

Broiges Tanz (Yiddish)

Itele (Romanian)

Clog Branle (French)

Spanish Waltz (Dutch)

Dudalas & Dunantuli Ugros (Hungarian)

Malayan Hand Drill (Indonesian)

Koftos (Greek)


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