Best of Shenanigans’ Dance Music 3 (CD/Booklet)


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Folk Daces of Terra Australis by Shenanigans.

This popular Australian folk dance band, led by Gary King, offers authentic folk dance from around the world. Their music and dances have spread throughout the US, largely due to their regular presentations at AOSA conferences. The booklet contains dance directions.

Kolo (Yugoslav Kolo) (Serbian)

Heavy and Light (Australian)

Heavy and Light 2 (Australian)

Cherkassia (Cherkassiya) (Ukrainian)

Bashana Haba’ah (Israeli)

Seno Slama (Macedonian)

Savila se Bela Loza (Savila se Bela Losa) (Serbian)

Kalamatianos (Greek)

Tsakonikos (Greek)

Debka Lahat (Israeli)

Polonaise (Grand March) (Polish)

Round the Barley (Australian)

Alewander (Swiss)

Woaf (Austrian)

Walking to the Left (Australian)

Walking to the Left 2 (Australian)

Highway Number One (Australian)

Highway Number One (space to add your own actions) (Australian)


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