Spring Songs: Music from Around the World for Orff Ensemble


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by Robert A. Amchin.

Beautiful songs and instrumental pieces about spring. Lesson plans and teaching suggestions included. Comes with a CD-rom with full color visuals in jpg format and tif formats for your interactive whiteboard or for making transparencies.


  • Oats, Peas, Beans (USA)
  • Crawdad Hole (USA)
  • Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit (USA)
  • Old Molly Hare (USA)
  • Chairs to Mend (England)
  • El Floron (Mexico)
  • Atzey Zetim Omdim (Israel)
  • Alle Meine Entchen (Germany)
  • Clever Bird
  • Hotaru Koi (Japan)
  • Parangsai (Korea)
  • Springtime Rap
  • Teaching Examples Using Haiku

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