The Schulwerk Volume 3: The Documentation


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The Schulwerk is volume 3 of Carl Orff/DOCUMENTATION, His Life and Works, and 8-volume autobiography of Carl Orff. Contains photos.

The New Dance Movement
Plans About Plans
Founding the Guntherschule
Elemental Music
Piano Exercises
School Performances
New Colleagues
Percussion Instruments
Conducting Exercises
Something New In View
Barred Instruments and Recorders
First Publications
Further Extension of The Instrumentarium
Teaching and Experiment
Dance Group and Dance Orchestra
Music Education Courses
Olympic Festival
The Last Years of the Guntherschule
Schulwerk at the Bayerischen Rundfunk
Schulerk at the Mozarteum
Starting Out In The Wider World
Orff-Schulwerk Information Centre and Seminar
The Orff Institute
Musica Poetica
The Frohnburg
From The Work at the Orff Institute
In Retrospect


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