The Orff Source: Volume 1


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by Denise Gagne.
Grades 1 -5

89 Orff arrangements of traditional folk songs and singing games, sequenced according to tone set: sm – lsm – smd – mrd – smrd – lsmrd – dl,s – lsmrdl,s – major – minor. Includes grade level for each song and game directions when appropriate. Arrangements for Orff instruments by Judy Sills. These selections correlate with Musicplay grades 1 – 5.

sm songs: Engine Engine, Hello Game, Hill Hill, No Robbers, Old Mother Witch, Witch Witch Fell in a Ditch, Categories, Starlight, Counting Song, Cuckoo, Lemonade.

ls m songs: Doggie Doggie, Icka Backa, Ickle Ockle, It’s Raining It’s Pouring, Little Tommy Tiddlemouse, Oliver Twist, Rain on the Green Grass, See Saw, Snail Snail.

lsm songs: Bell Horses, Bounce High, Blue Bells, Lucy Locket, We Are Dancing in the Forest, Find the Easter Basket, Apples Peaches Pears and Plums.

smd songs: Bee Bee Bumblebee, Bells in the Steeple, I See the Moon, Jack in the Box, One Potato, Pass the Stick, Pease Porridge Hot, Mouse Mousie, Concentration, Johnny One Hammer.

ls m d songs: Apple Tree, Johnny Caught a Flea, Time to Play, Teddy Bear.

mrd songs: Hot Cross Buns, Trampin’, Closet Key, Fais Do Do.

s mrd songs: Bought Me a Cat, Down Came Johnny, Who’s That.

ls mrd songs: Here Comes a Bluebird, Built My Lady, Button, Cobbler, Let Us Chase the Squirrel, Make a Friend, John Kanakanaka, Rocky Mountain, Old Blue.

d m s d’ songs: Clock Round, Little Tommy Tinker.

d’ ls mrd songs: There Was an Old Witch, Liza Jane.

mrd l’ songs: Old Woman All Skin and Bones.

lsmrd l songs: Land of the Silver Birch.

l mrd l songs: Canoe Song (My Paddle).

ls mrd l songs: Cindy.

s mrd l,s songs: Bats.

d’ ls mrd l songs: Circle Round the Zero.

d l,s songs: Frog in the Middle.

s mrd s songs: Scotland’s Burning.

rd l,s songs: Inuit Lullaby.

ls mrd l,s songs: I’ve Been to London.

mrd l,s songs: Charlie Over the Ocean, Ho Ho Watanay, Chatter with the Angels.

dt, l songs: Lady in the Graveyard, In the Land of Oz.

major songs: Hey Betty Martin, Old Woman, God Bless All, Sing Sing Together, Tulip Round.

minor songs: Birds and Bats, My Candles (Light the Candles), Rainbow Color, Witches Cat.

modal songs: Ghost of Tom, Hey Ho.


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