Music Word Wall – CD-ROM


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Music Word Wall CD-ROM. by Kris Kropff. Voicing: CD-ROM. Description: Research has shown that word walls give a great boost to literacy-some districts even mandate them-but who has time to make cards, much less stylish cards, for all those vocabulary words? With this resource, the answer to that question is, you do! This CD-ROM includes more than 150 cards for everything from terms and symbols to instruments, notes, rests, and composers, all with designs that are attractive yet simple enough that the word remains the focus. Organized in folders so it’s easy to find and print what you need, all are designed in color but are equally effective when printed in black and white on colored paper. We’ve even included bonus sets of shapes and graphics you can use to make magnets or other manipulatives. All you need to do now is decide what to do with all your newly freed time.


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