Music Therapy and Pediatric Pain


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by Peggy A. Farlow (Edited by Joanne V. Loewy)

Written during music therapy internship, Matheny School and Hospital, Peapack, NJ September, 1999 In her book, Music Therapy and Pediatric Pain, (Loewy, J. V. (Ed.), 1997 Cherry Hill, NJ, Jeffrey Books) editor Joanne V. Loewy collected papers and articles written by music therapists, physicians, social workers, university professors and psychologists which dealt with music therapy and pediatric pain and combined these works into one publication. Each chapter in the book deals with a specific topic as it relates to the use of music therapy in alleviating pediatric pain. Topics covered focus on a mind-body approach using music therapy techniques and psychotherapeutic principles with traditional medical practices.


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