Mind Stretchers


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by Beckie Karras.

A best-seller since 1990! Here’s a book of 400 mind-stretching questions, offering hours of fun and stimulation. Mind Stretchers is a ready-made activity for groups and one-to-one sessions. You can use the resource with memory-impaired or mentally alert group members. You’ll find five categories of questions, adaptable to each group.

Sample questions:

Basic-Name something you do in the morning.

Memories-What do you remember about your first sweetheart?

Opinions-What do you like best about summer?

Imaginings-If you were going to a costume party, how would you dress?

Challenge-Name something fun to do with a child.

Good as a filler or as an entire discussion activity. Great for intergenerational groups as well!

"Mind Stretchers is one of our favorites." ~ N.P., Pittsburgh, PA


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