Windsongs Series for Recorder, Orff or Kodaly Programs: Book 4


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by Birthe Kulich and Joe Berarducci.

Adding E1, F, F#, B. Key signatures #, b. Question and Answer Phrase. Pentatonic Scales G. F major. Rondo Form. Two and three part rounds for singing and playing.

Designed for classroom or individual instruction and suitable for children aged six to twelve. May also be used as a workbook as there are multiple tasks and exercises to be completed. Lyrics are included for most songs and parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate.

Contents include:Practice Record ” Note Vocabulary ” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” ” “Turn the Glasses Over” ” “Les Petites Marionnettes” ” “The Sandman -1″ ” “The Sandman -2″ ” Syn-Co-Pah ” “Canoe Song” ” Tam Ti ” Ti Tam ” “That’s a Mighty Pretty Motion” ” “L’il Liza Jane” ” Tim Ri ” Ti Rim ” “Wind the Bobbin” ” “Old King Glory” ” Rhythmic Phrase Building ” Melodic Phrase Building ” “Ah! Si Mon Moine ” “Donkey Riding” ” Pentatonic Scales (C,F,G) ” Key of G; F# ” “Dance” ” “Sur le Pont d’Avignon” ” “Skip to My Lou” ” “Donkey Round” ” “Tingalayo” ” Things that Go Round ” “I’m So Tired” ” “Frere Jacques in G” ” The Key of F; Bb ” “Mystery Tunes” ” “Happy Birthday” ” “Mystery Tune” ” “Frere Jacques in F” ” “Entendez-Vous sur l’Ormeau” ” “Michael Row the Boat” ” “Down By the Bay” ” “Oh! How Lovely” ” “Jibidi” ” “White Coral Bells” ” ” Springtime has Come” ” “The Birch Tree” ” “Derry Ding Dong” ” “Chairs to Mend” ” “Old Farmer Buck” ” “Get to Bed” ” “Who Killed Cock Robin” ” “J’ai du Bon Tabac” ” “Cockles and Mussels” ” “Streets of Laredo” ” “Night Herding Song” ” I’se the B’y” ” and three staff-lined pages


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