Fun with Composers Teacher’s Guide Volume II – Pre K to Grade 3


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Product Includes


Guide Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Let’s Warm Up
  • Composer Biographies & Activity Sheets
  • A CD with fun-filled lyrics as well as an authentic orchestral recording of each selection (also accessible on-line).
  • A DVD which features key teaching strategies and the final performance of each selection (also accessible on-line).
  • Musical Selections from various composers…
    1. Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks…Mussorgsky (Charli and the Chicks Get Cracking!)
    2. Kangaroo…Saint-Saens (Joey Gets Lost)
    3. William Tell Overture…Rossini (The Great Race!)
    4. March of the Toreadors…Bizet (Peter Parker’s Marching Band)
    5. Symphony No. 9…Beethoven (Ode to Joy!)
    6. Turkish March…Beethoven (The Magic Stone)
    7. Symphony No. 5…. Beethoven (Allowishes and the Royal Bananas!)
    8. Russian Dance – Trepak…Tchaikovsky (Join the Russian Dance Troupe!)
    9. Hall of the Mountain King…Grieg (Peer Gynt and the Mountain Trolls)





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