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Use Can Do It! Developing Your School Ukulele Program

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Affordable, versatile, portable, and popular once again, the ukulele is an ideal instrument for lifelong music making that can also be an engaging component of school music programs. At the elementary or secondary level, students can use the ukulele to explore everything from music theory, improvisation, composition, and ear training, to repertoire that includes contemporary popular music. At a lesser expense than any other instrument which can do as much, the ukulele is perfect for breathing fresh air into any music program.

Uke Can Do It! provides everything music educators need to develop a ukulele program in their school, including:

* A guide for first-time ukulele buyers
* Beginner instruction in how to play the ukulele
* Play lists of ukulele music by top performers
* Strategies for proposing and outfitting a ukulele program
* Classroom management tips
* Support for use with special learners
* Learning sequences in ukulele technique
* Ideas for classroom use and performance
* Scales and chord charts with fingering

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