Sing To Your Baby: Love Songs & Sing-Plays for New Families


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SING TO YOUR BABY® is a new collection of little songs with lots of love for soothing, bonding, rocking, holding, strolling, playing with and loving your baby. It is designed to empower parents to be the first, and most important voice their baby can identify with, regardless of singing talent and experience. The CD has 22 tracks, 11 songs recorded in 2 different keys. The first 11 tracks are for mom or a higher voice, tracks 12-22 are for dad or a lower voice.

“ Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer have, once again, enriched the world of children’s music. Here, they begin at the beginning, expertly guiding new parents to sing to their infants as a way to lovingly connect and teach via song.”
– Claire S. Green, President, Parents’ Choice Foundation

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