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First experiences with Choirchimes and Orff Schulwerk by Griff Gall and Paul Weller

Ring, Dance, Play is a music education resource born out of a joint collaboration between Malmark, GIA Publications, and Griff Gall and Paul Weller, music educators and Orff Schulwerk specialists.

Ring, Dance, Play brings together for the first time the versatility, playability, and tonality of the Malmark Choirchime Æ with the revolutionary and engaging Orff Schulwerk pedagogy. This powerful combination will prove instrumental to any music educator looking for a fresh, new approach to engage their students.

Lessons have been specifically created for grades K-5 with an emphasis on developing overall music literacy through Orff Schulwerk’s full-body approach and child-centered way of learning.

By employing a “child’s world of play,” elemental music making is fun and easy. And since all concepts are learned by doing, Ring, Dance, Play will have your students ringing, dancing, and playing in no time.


  • Why This Text is Needed
  • Instrument Considerations
  • What is a Choirchime?
  • Choirchime Maintenance
  • Basic Ringing Technique

Orff Schulwerk:

  • History of Orff Schulwerk
  • Philosophy of Orff Schulwerk
  • An Introduction to the Orff Approach
  • General Applications for Choirchimes
  • Imitation Lessons
  • Speech Exercises
  • Rhythmic Building Blocks
  • Melodic Transfer to Choirchimes

Primary (K-1):

  • Introduction
  • John the Rabbit
  • Down by the Station
  • Improvisation with Sol-Mi on Choirchimes
  • Here We Sit

Intermediate (2-3):

  • Introduction
  • One, Two, Tie My Shoe
  • Fruit Basket
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Pease Porridge
  • Let Us Chase the Squirrel
  • Half-Note Lesson
  • I See the Moon
  • Tideo
  • Canon 1 (from Music for Children, Volume I)
  • Ding Dong Digga-Digga Dong (from Music for Children, Volume I)

Upper Elementary:

  • Introduction
  • Paw-Paw Patch
  • Alabama Gal
  • Recorders and Choirchimes
  • Andante for Recorders
  • Scotland’s Burning
  • Recorder Rondo
  • Tranquillo (from Music for Children, Volume I)
  • Allegro (from Speibuch fur Xylophon I)

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