Recorders without Borders, Vol II. (Book/CD)


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by Nina Stern.

Features tunes and dances Nina came across in her musical travels for recorders and percussion. Repertory ranges from dances of Medieval and Renaissance Europe to songs from the Caribbean, Africa, South America, Asia and the Balkans. The melodies and beats are irresistible to children and adults alike. This music, while challenging, is fun and engaging.

These pieces are intended for beginning to intermediate recorder players. Only the notes of one octave – from low d to middle d – are used. The arrangements appear in order of increasing difficulty.

A play-along CD accompanies the book. The CD is intended to provide an idea of what the pieces can sound like and as a play-along tool for instructors and players. Each tune has four musical tracks: 1) Performance of the piece with all the parts; 2) Percussion parts only; 3) Percussion parts with Recorder 2; 4) Percussion parts withe Recorder 1.


Welsh Folk Tune

Kiowa Love Song

Ala De’Lona

Dance of Hercules

Aude, mome


O Menussis

Sit Down Sister

Quebra, Quebra Gabiroba

Que Bonita Bandera



Water Come a Me Eyes

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