Recorders with Orff Ensemble, Vol. 1


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by Isabel McNeill Carley

This book is designed to fill a need for a repertoire (pentatonic and diatonic) for beginning and intermediate recorder players, both musically demanding and rewarding, sequentially arranged, and parallel to the basic progression of the American Orff-Schulwerk series. Most of the pieces are intended to be both played and danced, and simple accompaniments for various combinations of Orff instruments (with cello and guitar) are provided. I. Pentatonic ï 1. First Suite ï 2. Theme and Variations ï 3. Miniature Suite ï 4. Circle Dance ï 5. Two Fanfares ï 6. March ï 7. Fanfare ï 8. Procession ï 9. Song for Friday ï 10. March ï 11. Andante ï 12. Scherzo ï 13. Square Dance ï 14. Longways for as Many as Will ï 15. Fairy Lullaby ï 16. All Hands Round ï 17. Fanfare IV ï 18. Dance Rondo ï 19. Jig ï II. Diatonic ï 20. Allegro ï 21. Snow at Midnight ï 22. Rondino ï 23. Andante ï 24. Autumn Leaves ï 25. Rondo in A Minor ï 26. Fire Dance ï 27. Dorian Dance ï 28. Dorian Scherzo ï 29. Phrygian Melody ï 30. Daydream ï 31. Quiet Song ï 32. Rondino in C

A Supplement to Music for Children.


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