Recorder Planet (Kit w/ CD)


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by M.C. Handel.

Distinctive arrangements and uniquely appealing originals for young players have made these recorder features a very popular part of every issue of Music K-8 magazine. These five songs come from Volume 11, and they are favorites of young players.

A BAG O’ Tigers-a little Dixieland fun with notes B, A, and G, and a lot of energy when they “roar!” The recording features a real New Orleans-style jazz band.

Amazing Grace-this stunning, easy setting of Amazing Grace is accompanied by a beautiful string ensemble.

Shark CAGE-kids love this driving rock tune which features C, A, G and E, and an option for improvisation.

Scoot!-your players become a part of a real big band in this tribute to the great Count Basie Orchestra inspired by Neal Hefti’s Cute.

Orion’s Belt-the spacey duet is crafted to allow part 1 to play the familiar higher faster notes G, A, B, C, and D. Both parts mix rhythms and intervals using nothing faster than eight notes. Part 2 is for your more advanced players as it uses F natural, as well as low D and C. It provides students with a very rewarding challenge.

As with all Plank Road products, this collection includes state-of-the-art recordings featuring world-class musicians playing real instruments. You will want to share these great songs with your students.


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