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The Principal and the Pea: A Musical Tale of an Elementary School’s Search for the Perfect Principal by Mark Burrows.

This short, seven-song musical uses simple rhyming dialogue and hip, imaginative songs to tell the story of a school searching for the perfect principal. Taking its inspiration from the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale, The Princess and the Pea, the kids in this musical, wondering why they’re never asked what they think or what they want, devise the perfect plan when the teachers cannot choose. Of course, the students find the perfect fit, ‘A grown-up who could not stand peas,’ only to find out that their new principal is a fan of Brussels sprouts! Set in a cafeteria with a cast of students, the costumes, props, and staging are easy and affordable. The songs are well crafted, with limited ranges and careful use of repetition, and the stylish accompaniment tracks provide plenty of melodic support. The result is an entertaining, side-splitting musical sure to peas, err, please.

Grades 1-4

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