Orff Re-Echoes Book 1


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Orff Re-Echoes Book 1
Selections from The Orff Echo & the Supplements
Edited by Isabel McNeill Carley
American Orff-Schulwerk Association
164 pages

A collection of reprints from the first eight years of the Orff Echo and the official Supplements. These articles were chosen because of their general interest, relevance to the Orff approach and usefulness.

I. History
European Background (articles by Carl Orff and Friedrum Gerheuser)
American Experience (articles by Arnold Walter, Herbert Zipper and Harrison Collins)
II. Philosophy
(articles by Arnold Burkart, Robert Kintner, Margaret Fish, Lucya Prince, Grace Nash, Jose Wuytack and Werner Thomas)
Editorials (by Isabel Carley)
Viewpoints (by Brigitte Warner, Martha Pline and George Reavis)

III. Applications: Areas of Concentration
Song (articles by Hermann Regner and Hans Poser)
Movement (articles by Genevieve Jones, Tossi Aaron, Betty K. Sommer and Barbara Haselbach)
Improvisation (articles by Maureen Kenney, Elizabeth Nichols, Isabel Carley and Friedrich Gulda)
Drama (articles by Brigitte Warner and Elizabeth Nichols)
In the Classroom (articles by Judith Thomas, Eloise McCormick, Millie Burnett and Isabel Carley)
Therapy (article by Catherine Baxter)
In the Church (articles by Isabel Carley and Betty Ann Ramseth)


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