One, Two, Three…Echo Me! (Orff Companion)


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Songs by Loretta Mitchell. Orff Arrangements by Donna Dirksing.

Over the years, millions of students have been taught to sing in tune by using Loretta Mitchell’s best-selling book, “One, Two, ThreeÖEcho Me!” (30/1800H). By popular demand, teachers can now bring these favorite songs into their Orff classroom. “One, Two, ThreeÖEcho Me! Orff Companion” is a collection of songs with Orff accompaniments that can be used by itself or as a supplement to the original book. The arrangements and suggested processes reflect the Orff approach of combining rhythmic speech, singing, instrument playing, movement, and improvisation together. “One, Two, ThreeÖEcho Me! Orff Companion” is not only for experienced Orff teachers. A detailed process for teaching the instruments is given with each arrangement, so those teachers with little or no Orff training can easily find success.


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