Oceans of Fun (Reproducibles/Listening CD)


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by Jill and Michael Gallina

In this delightful revue-style collection, you’ll discover meaningful ways to supplement your music program with quality cross-curricular materials that will enable you to reach out to other disciplines within the curriculum. It consists of eight songs and an easily memorized rhyming script, 21 fact-filled reproducible activity sheets and with ìLife in the Sea Vocabulary Guideî, ìLife Science Curricular Objectivesî and the ìFast Facts for the Teacherî for each of the sea creatures provide information for you to answer basic questions and conduct enjoyable, productive and informed classroom discussions. As a musical revue, classroom activity or a means of team-teaching, the songs and activities offer a great learning experience for your students, grades 1 through 3.

Available: Reproducible Collection/Listening CD, Enhanced CD-ROM (performance and accompaniment tracks and PDFs of music, activities, script and art), and Classroom Kit (Reproducible Collection/Listening CD, Enhanced CD-ROM).


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