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Activities for Rhythmic Development

by Doug Goodkin.

Doug Goodkin has created a unique way to teach music by using the time-tested concept of "name games." Every teacher has used them, and together with the principles of Orff-Schulwerk, Name Games will bring out the best in students on a personal and musical level. Includes a potpourri of games for all age levels, such as "Spelling Name," "Name Stories," "Icky Bicky Soda Cracker," "Rumplestiltskin," "Birthday Groups," and many more. There are opportunities for integrating the curriculum and a developmental process based on the Orff-Schulwerk.


Game 1: Name Rhythm

Game 2: Name Phrases

Game 3: Layering Name Rhythms

Game 4: Layering Name Rhythms – Extensions

Game 5: Syllable Grouping

Game 7: Positive and Negative

Game 8: Spelling Name

Game 9: Sound of First Letter

Game 10: Name Stories

Game 11: Dramatic Alliteration

Game 12: Name and Gesture

Game 13: Rhythmic Notation

Game 14: First and Last Name

Game 15: Full Name and Birthday

Game 16: Birthday Groups

Game 17: Personal Favorite

Game 18: Rhymed Couplets

Game 19: Icy Bicky Soda Cracker

Game 20: Rmpelstiltskin


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