My Third Grade Music Book


by Ann Eisen and Lamar Robertson


Illustrated by Ann Ritchie
Reproducible pages
97 pages

Intended to be used as a workbook for children. Correlates with An American Methodology (item 838409). The teacher is encouraged to use additional songs and activities to enhance reading and writing skills. The book is written sequentially, but the teacher should feel free to change the order of the pages to suit the needs of the classroom. Reviews grade 2 materials, then covers pentatonic scale, tiri tiri, ti ti-ri, tiri ti, low la and sol, do pentatonic, 1st and 2nd endings, and letter names with absolute pitches. Part of the series of five sequential workbooks, based on American folksongs and children’s rhymes.

Sheets may be used as masters for transparencies, individual worksheets, or may be bound in book form as a workbook for each student – the material comes as loose pages inside a packet, and is copy-permissible (for educational purposes) to the purchaser of the workbook.

A-G: Blue, Bounce High Bounce Low, Bought Me a Cat, Bow Wow Wow, Bye Baby Bunting, Bye Bye Baby, Chatter with the Angels, (The) Closet Key, Dance Josey, Dinah, Doggie Doggie, Drunken Sailor, Fed My Horse, Firefly, Frog in the Meadow, Golden Ring Around the Susan Girl, Great Big House in New Orleans

H-L: Here Comes a Bluebird, Hold My Mule, Hop Old Squirrel, Hot Cross Buns, How Many Miles To Babylon?, Ida Red, King Kong Kitchee, King’s Land, Knock the Cymbals, Jim Along Josie, Johnson Boys, Let Us Chase the Squirrel

M-R: Mama, Buy Me a Chiney Doll, Old Brass Wagon, Old Gray Mare, Old MacDonald, Old Mister Rabbit, Old Texas, Over the River (Charlie), Paw Paw Patch, Pease Porridge Hot, Phoebe in Her Petticoat, Poor Little Kitty Cat, Rain Rain, Rocky Mountain

S-Z: Sailing On the Ocean, Sammy Sacket, Scotland’s Burning, Sea Lion Woman, Sea Shell, Skip To My Lou, Skipping Rope Song, Snail Snail, (The) Swapping Song, Tideo, Turn the Glasses Over, Wallflowers, Walter Jumped a Fox, Who’s That Tapping?, Yangtze Boatman’s Chantey


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