Musically Engaged Seniors


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By Meredith Hamons

Written with the active music therapist in mind, Musically Engaged Seniors is designed to be an easy to use guide for group music therapy sessions with the elderly. This book contains clearly laid out session plans and resources that can be immediately incorporated into any senior music therapy program. Written for today’s market, Musically Engaged Seniors emphasizes interventions that actively engage seniors in joyful music making. Containing an abundance of adaptable material, the included sessions can be used with seniors in all levels of long- term care. The musically driven outlines and additional resources incorporate a wide range of instruments, song selections, and creative interventions and are sure to delight seniors and inspire music therapists. Paperback128 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0615896281

~ 40 ready-to-use session outlines, complete with additional resources

~ Adaptable plans and materials to reach seniors in all levels of care

~ Appropriate for music therapists leading a program in a single community or across multiple facilities

~ Sessions and interventions that have proven to be effective across a range of needs and abilities


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