Music, Memory, and Meaning


by Meredith Hamons,‎ Tara Jenkins,‎ Cathy Befi-Hensel


Written for family members, caregivers, health care workers, and activity professionals, Music, Memory, and Meaning is the answer for those looking to understand and effectively use the power of music with aging older adults. A practical guide to using music to create connections, this book provides strategies, techniques, ideas, and resources for getting the most out of a shared listening experience. Containing over 100 engaged listening discussions and 15 research-based and professionally reviewed playlists, this book guides readers, even those with no musical experience, towards successfully using music to connect with aging loved ones living with cognitive decline or dementia. Readily adaptable, Music, Memory, and Meaning can be used with older adults in all levels of care and is appropriate for use both in individual and group settings.


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