Making Connections: Movement, Music & Literacy (Book/CD)


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by Lizabeth Haraksin-Probst, Lanet Hutson-Brandhagen, and Phyllis Weikart.

Children naturally enjoy moving and making sounds, as anyone who has visited a playground knows. As teachers, we can use these innate abilitites and build on them to create the foundational experiences children need to develop language and literacy skills.

Making Connections provides you with activities that help make these connections between children’s natural abilitites and the skills they need for success. The 60 activities in this book are planned around curriculum concepts in movement, music, and literacy and will keep your preschoolers or early elementary children moving and singing as they develop literacy skills.

Each activity includes an easy-to-follow plan, and activities are labeled so that teachers can quickly locate the activities best suited for the age level of their children. The included CD contains recordings that complement many of the activities in this book.


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