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LP Mini Timbales are fashioned after LPs famous full-size Tito Puente Timbales, the shells are just 3-1/4″ deep with authentic Cuban-style tuning. They include micro snares making them an incredibly versatile addition to any percussion set-up or drum kit.

The drums’ chrome-plated steel timbale shells have authentic Cuban-style tuning. LP mini timbales create a dry sound, making them an ideal addition to any percussion setup that can easily be incorporated into drum kits.

Each LP timbale set includes a heavy-duty, chrome tilting mount that attaches to any 3/8″ diameter rod.

  • 6″ and 8″ diameter drums
  • 3-1/4″ depth
  • Chromeplated steel shells
  • Cuban-style tuning
  • Includes tilt mount

Ideal addition to any percussion set-up or drum kit and include a heavy duty, chrome tilting mount that can attach to any 3/8″ diameter rod.


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