Holiday Songs Around the World (CD)


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by Catherine Slonecki.

Join our musical tour as we set off to explore the magic of holidays from all corners of the globe. This fun-filled multicultural collection introduces children to holiday songs, customs, languages, and movements from many countries. Some songs are sung in their native language as well as in English.

A 30-minute DVD is also available. It shows holiday celebrations and features footage from the countries represented.

1. This is My Country/This Land is Your Land (USA)

2. Chiapanecas (Mexico)

3. No One is an Island (Canada)

4. Dreydl Song (Israel)

5. Feliz Navidad (Puerto Rico)

6. Lippai (Austria)

7. Carol of the Bells (Ukraine)

8. Feast of Lanterns (China)

9. Kum Ba Ya (Nigeria)

10. Psalm of Thanksgiving (Dakota Indian)

11. This Little Light of Mine (African-American)

12. La Conga (Brazil)

13. ‘Tis Irish I Am/Irish Washerwoman (Ireland)

14. Cherry Trees-Sakura (Japan)

15. Little Gazelle (Egypt)

16. The Maypole Songs (England)


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