Holiday Songs and Winter Adventures by Lynn Kleiner Book & CD


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It’s Lynn’s NEW book!
Fall/Winter Lessons and Concerts are made fun and easy with these delightful activities and recordings.
Goodies for Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays, Valentine’s Day and ANY day!



Children learn about life above and below the snow as they sing, move, play, and create music. Lynn Kleiner shares her creative lesson ideas for young children that capture the wonderful power and excitement of interactive musical learning. The songs are short and repetitive, in the vocal range of young children, and include movement and visuals so they can be learned in a few lessons.
This book is jam-packed with:
Songs, Rhymes, Dances
Percussion, Orff, Recorder
Arts & Crafts
Holiday Treats
Digital Resources/Visual Aids
Beautiful Recordings
Accompaniment Tracks
Video Lessons/Concerts
Successful from Preschool – Grade 4
TONS of magical Holiday and Winter Concert Ideas!


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