Guiding Your Child’s Musical Development


Guiding Your Child’s Musical Development


This book tells what you can do to help your child grow musically, and why this is important in the first place. This is a book for parents-especially those without formal music training.

Edwin Gordon, a world leader in music education who has taught preschool music for more than ten years, describes how to take advantage of the most critical time in the music development of your child: birth through age five.

In simple and clear language, he sheds light on how young children best learn music. Pursuing a music career for your child may not be important to you. What is critical, however, is that you give your child the ability to appreciate and understand the musical world that is a part of us all-a gift to last a lifetime.

Includes a cassette with songs and chants to sing to your child, as well as 30 minutes of listening music.

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