Greek Myths in Modes (Book/CD-ROM)


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by Danai D. Apostolidou-GagnÈ and Judith Thomas-Solomon.

This collection of Greek Myths has been adapted through the use of music, movement, speech play, and modes in an open-ended, elemental style for grades 4-5-6.

They have been modeled in the spirit Carl Orff intended, where there is room for personal invention and improvisation by both teacher and student. The dramas were developed in contrasting styles to be used as separate units, or as complementary groupings for longer programmatic use.


How Heaven and Earth Came Into Being

Jason and the Magic Fleece

The Fate of Icarus

Perseus and Persephone

Dimitra and Persephone

Hercules and the Hydra

Pandora’s Box

Inventing a Legend for an Amphora

More Greek Myths and Proverbs to Explore

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