Fun Foundations for Recorder, Vol. 1 (Book/CD)


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by Artie Almeida.

Hands-on and step-by-step, how Artie integrates recorders into her amazing Bear Lake music program.

Teachers who have spent time in Artie Almeida’s many workshops know what a creative, natural teacher she is, and that she is wonderful at transferring her teaching ideas into words in the resources she has published. That’s why we were so pleased to feature her in each issue of Recorder Classroom magazine with a series of richly developed columns about how she integrates recorders into the fabric of her fabulous program at Bear Lake. In this kit, we combine these great resources for teachers everywhere. As a matter of fact, there is so much content here that we are breaking it into two jam-packed volumes, the first of which we are releasing this year. It stands on its own, as did each column, and is a must for teachers at any point in their careers.

The Teacher’s Handbook is the heart of the kit, and its many sections take you step-by-step through Artie’s program as it has evolved in the more than 20 years she has been developing it. Beyond basic technique there are sections on air production and management, instrument selection and care, funding, ensembles, repertoire, and so much more. And this is not a dry, academic work. It is a successful teacher talking to friends about how she does it.

More than text… In addition to the narrative, this kit features other specific resources, including games and other activities for teaching and retention, as well as the masters to let you print and produce cards, forms, and other things needed for the activities. And there is music! Artie has created teaching songs, warm-ups, and exercises, each arranged by Paul Jennings and recorded by the great musicians who you hear on all Plank Road Publishing products. You will find these on the CD included with the kit.

In the Teacher’s Handbook there are recorder parts for all of the exercises, teaching songs, and bonus tunes, and you have the legal rights to duplicate them for all of your students. But for your convenience, we also offer Student Books in reasonably priced 5- and 10-packs. These books feature all of the songs and exercises as well as a colorful fingering chart on the back of each book.

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Volume 2 Student Book 5-Pack, Volume 2 Student Book 10-Pack, Volume 1 Performance Kit and CD, Volume 1 Student Book 5-Pack, Volume 1 Student Book 10-Pack, Volume 2 Performance Kit and CD


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