First Steps in Music Vocal Development Kit


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by John Feierabend.

For more than twenty years, John M. Feierabend has been a leader in helping young children develop their singing voices. Now, with The First Steps in Music Vocal Development Kit, teachers can use many of Dr. Feierabendís favorite tools and techniques with students every day!

In this essential kit, Dr. Feierabend includes puppets, toys, and instruments designed to help with two types of vocal development activities. ìPitch Exploration Activitiesî invite children to create sliding sounds and encourage them to use their head voices. ìEcho Songsî and ìCall and Response Songsî allow children to use their newly found head voices to sing short melodic phrases. A wonderful variety of activity ideas are found in this manual.

Whether used in conjunction with the First Steps in Music Curriculum or independently, the activities in this kit will help develop and maintain healthy vocal fitness in students of all ages.

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