First Steps in Music: The Lectures (5 DVDs)


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by John Feierabend

This remarkable DVD set captures the ideas and spirit of one of the most dynamic music educators of our time, John M. Feierabend. In each DVD, Dr. Feierabend presents a compelling vision for the importance of music and music education in our lives, starting from infancy.

These DVDs also introduce his best-selling music curriculum, the First Steps in Music series. They are essential viewing for anyone interested in providing a well-rounded education for our children and want to make sure music remains an essential part of our lives.

DVD 1: Who Is a Musical Person?Serving as an introduction to the DVD series, this lively lecture shares the idea that all people can become tuneful beatful and artful. With an in depth discussion of what makes a children’s song artful, you (and the studio audience) are guided through how to select quality literature for teaching purposes in the preschool and elementary grades.

DVD 2: Endangered Musical MindsHere is a critical discussion of how the musical mind develops from prenatal through elementary school. The ability to perceive music can atrophe if neglected. Insights are presented as to how to optimize brain growth for music perception and the ramifications on how that shaping can impact an individual’s lifelong success in musical participation and appreciation.

DVD 3: Music for Infants and ToddlersTeddy bear in hand, Dr. Feierabend shares the rich repertoire of infant and toddler folk songs and rhymes that he has collected over the past 30 years. Bounces, wiggles, tapping, clapping and lullabies are demonstrated that can form the basis for enhancing the music growth of infants and toddlers. In addition, simple songs and simple circles are shown that serve as a bridge to older childrens activities. Information on how to develop sequential lessons and set up classes for parents and children provides the audience with practical considerations that will enhance teaching and organizational success.

DVD 4: Vocal Development in Preschool and BeyondHere are practical and fun ideas on how to connect the voice to musical perception from age 3 on. Vocal warm-ups, echo songs and simple songs serve as the basis for early singing success and good vocal habits. Creativity is encouraged through spontaneous songs from the children as shown in several video clips fo four year olds. Songs for listening development and the development of expressive sensitivity are also demonstrated. These activities serve to help develop the music mind through age seven but are useful for developing vocal skills at any age.

DVD 5: Movement Development in Preschool and BeyondUnderstanding music through movement activities are discussed and demonstrated in this very active lecture. Movement warm-ups, based on the work of Rudolph Laban, are discussed as a means to lead children to explore creative movement. Musical form and expression are explored through finger plays, action songs, circle games and guided movement with classical music. Beat motions and meter sensitivities are developed through sequential activities including stationary and traveling beat keeping games. The lecture series concludes with guidance on creating vibrant lessons for ultimate musical development in children from preschool through the elementary years.


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