Down Memory Lane: 2nd Edition


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Topics and Ideas for Reminiscence Groups by Beckie Karras.

Introducing the newly-revised and updated version of Down Memory Lane. This second edition incorporates 50 sessions from the first edition of Down Memory Lane as well as its sequel Moments to Remember and includes 15 new sessions, for a total of 65 themes for reminiscing and discussion.

Each chapter has three sections: IN THE MOOD offers suggestions for gathering music as well as visual aids. ACTIVITIES provides short answer and trivia quizzes, guest speakers, memory sharing about an aspect of the theme, singing, hands-on activities, or listening activities. DISCUSSION stimulates further conversation and sharing of memories.

New session topics include the following: Camping, Cars, Christmas, Dating, Doctoring, Games, Hair, Marriage, Money, Reading and Writing, Relatives, Sleep, Sweets, Teenagers, and Weather.


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