Biomedical Foundations of Music as Therapy (2nd Ed.)


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by Dale B. Taylor, Ph.D, MT-BC

Biomedical Foundations of Music as Therapy, 2nd Edition.

This new edition covers years of investigations on music therapy and the brain. Contains dozens of full color illustrations, a new chapter describing the research basis for the new hypothesis on cognition, a Foreword by a Mayo Clinic College of Medicine neurologist, over twice as many pages as edition one due to volumes of new research, and numerous references to real applications of biomedical theory by practicing music therapists and educators. Presents a unifying theoretical basis for observed therapeutic effects of music by laying a scientific foundation for the thesis that the brain is the target organ for sensory input and the mediator of neural impulses that result in physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Describes the role of music therapy to enhance human capabilities in treating behavior disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia, developmental disorders, pain management, anxiety reduction, critical care, burn units, oncology, obstetrics, pediatrics, surgery, coronary care, traumatic brain injury, immune functions, cognitive disabilities, and severe depression.


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