Andy Gleadhill’s Caribbean Steel Pan Book


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Written by educator and professional percussionist Andy Gleadhill, shows classroom music teachers how to teach Steel Pans in a class setting. Although all of the tunes and exercises in the book can be played on any steel pan instrument, Andy focusses on the Jumbie Jam steel pan and its use in an educational setting. Using the same approach that has so successfully helped hundreds of teachers to introduce African Drumming, Indonesian Gamelan, Brazilian Samba and other World Music styles in classrooms all over the UK, Andy shows you the basic techniques, warm-up exercises and covers all the elements of music whilst helping you and the class progress rapidly through 10 weekly lessons, to the point that the class can perform a range of Steel Pan pieces. Contents include: Introduction: History and Context; The Jumbie Jam Steel Pan; Basic Playing Techniques; Elements of Music; The Music; Warm-Up and Practice Exercises; The Three Part Arrangements; Adding Percussion and Other Instruments; Lesson Plans and Lesson Structure; Ten Weekly Lessons; Teaching and Learning Notes; Creating a Performance; Six Tunes; About the Author Songs include: Day O; Guantanamera; Peanut Vendor; Tequila; Rua Dona Margarida; When the Saints A selection of video clips is available on line to further support teacher and pupils by giving practical demonstrations of the techniques and pieces. A link is also listed in the book for downloading of the backing/accompaniment tracks.

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