Advanced Practice in Medical Music Therapy: Case Reports


Ed. by Cheryl Dileo


In this book, examples of advanced practice in music therapy with children and adults with various types of medical conditions or at end of life are presented.

Chapter 1
Introduction: Definitions and Perspectives on Advanced Practice in Medical Music Therapy
Cheryl Dileo (USA)

Part I: Infants, Children and Adolescents

Chapter 2
Empowerment and Empowering Self: Using Creative Music Therapy to Reconnect Premature Infants and Their Mothers.
Friederike Haslbeck (Switzerland)

Chapter 3
Dancing on the Couches: Interactive Music Therapy (IMT) with children and teenagers during hemodialysis sessions
Lia Rejane Mendes Barcellos (Brazil)

Chapter 4
“Working with the Negatives to Make a Better Picture:” Creating Hip-Hop Songs in Pediatric Rehabilitation
Michael Viega (USA)

Chapter 5
The Girl Who Awoke with No Voice: The Use of Music-Facilitated Dramatic Play for a Child Requiring Unforeseen Tracheotomy.
Claire M. Ghetti (USA)

Chapter 6
In the Light of Day: A Real-World Perspective on Childhood Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and Music Therapy during Early Neurosurgical Rehabilitation
Simon Gilbertson (Norway)

Chapter 7
Better Together: Incorporating Family Dynamics in Pediatric Music Therapy Elizabeth Harman and Kathryn Yeager Bruno (USA)

Chapter 8
“If I Were a Butterfly:” Expanding Experience and Opportunity for a Child and His Family
Kathryn Lindenfelser (USA)

Chapter 9
The Use of a Music Therapy Plurimodal Approach in a Process with a Young Girl with a Brain Tumor
Mayra Hugo and Diego Schapira (Uruguay, Argentina)

Part II: Adults

Chapter 10
Limited Approximations: Music-Imaginative Pain Treatment (Entrainment) with a 45-year-old Patient Suffering from Schizoaffective Psychosis
Susanne Metzner and Sylvia Kunkel (Germany)

Chapter 11
Swimming with the Tides: A Woman’s Struggle to Navigate the Turbulent Waters of Cancer through the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music
Brian Abrams (USA)

Chapter 12
“And Suddenly There Was a Loud Ringing in My Ear” The Treatment of Recent Onset Tinnitus with Music Therapy
Elisabeth Hutter, Miriam Grapp, and Heike Argstatter (Germany)

Chapter 13
Heart’s Work: Relaxing and Infilling as Integral to Sustained Forward Movement. GIM in Cardiac Rehabilitation
Alison Short (Australia)

Chapter 14
“We’ve Had Enough Sad – Shut Up and Listen to Me!” Group Music Therapy With Women Who Have Breast Cancer
Stephanie Thompson (Australia)

Chapter 15
Finding a Voice: Singing with Quadriplegic Men
Jeanette Tamplin (Australia)

Chapter 16
Regaining a True Self through Music: GIM with a Woman with Fibromyalgia Esperanza Torres (Spain)

Chapter 17
Medical Music Therapy with a Young Woman Treated for Acute Myeloid Leukemia: A Family Systems Approach
John F. Mondanaro (USA)

Chapter 18
Analytical Group Music Therapy (AMT): A Non-Prescriptive, Evidence-Based Approach to Pain Management with Adult Clients in Recovery from Medical Trauma
Benedikte Scheiby (USA)

Chapter 19
A Journey to Memories: Improvisational Music Therapy in the Neurological Rehabilitation of a Woman with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)
Wolfgang Schmid (Norway)

Chapter 20
Interactive Music Therapy with Parents/Relatives of Babies Admitted to a Neonatology Unit
Martha Negreiros-Vianna, Albelino Silva Carvalhaes, Arnaldo Prata Barbos (Brazil)

Chapter 21
‘Love… Actually:’ Music and Absolute Attention
Nigel Hartley (England)

Chapter 22
Sarah’s Lament: Exploring the Narratives of Music, Medicine and Aesthetics
Colin Lee (Canada)

Chapter 23
Final Moments: The Use of Song in Relationship Completion
Cheryl Dileo (USA)

Chapter 24
The ‘Healing’ Groove: Music Therapy with a Cancer Patient at the End of Life
Gerry Prince (England)

Chapter 25
Finding the Song of One’s Life: Music Therapy at an Outpatient Palliative Care Service
Elisabeth Martins Petersen (Brazil)

Chapter 26
Addressing Horror through Beauty? Music therapy for a Man with Complex Pain at the End of Life
Deborah Salmon (Canada



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