A La Rueda, Rueda (Book/CD)


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by Mirna Y. Cabrera and Martha E. Esquenazi.

Traditional Latin American Folk Songs For Children.

Singing songs and playing games are a fundamental part of a child’s life, no matter where we live or what language we speak. Experience Hispanic-American heritage and traditions with this well-crafted collection of children’s folksongs. Playfully illustrated with original Uruguayan art, this collection of thirty-four songs for early childhood through the elementary grades features page-after-page of reproducible, singable melodies and game instructions, with their cultural background. Both authors are of Cuban origin and have collected songs that will appeal to a wide audience, whether or not you can read music, speak Spanish, or in the case of small children, read at all. English translations, a pronunciation guide, and curricular indices are also included. The enclosed CD provides quality demonstration recordings of children singing the songs unaccompanied, as they are traditionally performed. Perfect for school or home, this collection provides parents and teachers with all the necessary tools for teaching the basic elements of music and Hispanic culture, which will be fun for children today and for generations to come.

Suggested for PreK-Gr.6.

Song List:

  • A La Rueda, Rueda
  • Alegre Canta El Burro
  • Arroz Con Leche
  • Aserr‡n Asser N
  • Calle De Calles
  • CucË, CucË, Cantaba La Rana
  • Dale A La Mocita
  • Debajo Del Puente
  • Don Pirul‡
  • Durmete Mi NiÎo
  • El Conejo
  • El Perrito Goloso
  • Estaba La Caravela
  • Juan Pirulero
  • La Calabacita
  • La Cojita
  • La Cucaracha
  • La Marisola
  • Las Hijas De MeriÎo
  • Las SeÎas Del Esposo
  • Los Cinco Deditos
  • Los Pollitos
  • Los Seis Paticos
  • Los Unidos
  • MambrË
  • Manola
  • Mueva La Pata
  • Patito, Patito
  • Qu Llueva!
  • Rau, Rau, Rau
  • Sal Solcito
  • SeÎora Santana
  • Si Este NiÎo Se Durmiera
  • Yo Ten‡a Diez Perritos


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