Meisterklasse Alto Glockenspiel, Stainless-Steel Bars


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SONOR strives to offer the best percussion instruments to enrich the musical journey of our customers. Our latest Glockenspiel innovation provides a pure bell-like tone with optimum resonance for use in Orff classrooms and ensembles. The new Meisterklasse models expand the SONOR sound variety in the field of premium glockenspiels as they come along with an exciting new feature: pure steel tone bars. A perfect supplement for the existing Meisterklasse glockenspiels featuring Stainless-Steel bars.

16 bars; c2-a3; C-major scale with f#2, bb2 and f#3; profiled steel sound bars 25 x 3 mm; precision-tuned to A440; incl. 1 pair SCH 4


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